How to create a depot

A depot is where the preparation of the order and its delivery begins. You can add any amount of depots in your business account.

Click on the Settings tab on the upper navigation panel and then click on the Depot settings from the left sidebar (screenshot 1).

(screenshot 1)

On the Depot settings screen, click on the Add button (screenshot 2).

(screenshot 2)

Fill in the following information in the creation screen (screenshot 3):

  • Name (this name will be shown on the order card)

  • Auto assignment toggle (The system will assign the order according to the pre established settings)

  • Hide couriers toggle (If it’s turned on the systems will hide the couriers in the map)

  • Allow order creation toggle (This will enable integrating orders from platformas like Telegram, our business App, etc.)

  • Company Legal Name (name of business)

  • Phone (business contact number)

  • Max delivery time (this is the maximum time for an order to be delivered to the customer)

  • Max cooling time (this is the maximum amount of time an order can spend on the road)

  • Default cooking time (each order entering the system, requires a cooking time to be assigned (see “Ready In” field). If no “Ready In” time is assigned, the system will automatically fill out the Ready in field using the Default cooking time value)

  • Default control center (applicable only if you are using control centers)

  • City, Street (Your depot location. You can select your location by clicking on the map) 

  • Color (order marks will be colored on the map until assigning to the courier)

* Name and Phone fields are mandatory.

*The phone number needs to be in an international format.

* You can also select the address by clicking on the map

(screenshot 3)

You can add a photo for your depot by clicking on the change button (screenshot 4).

(screenshot 4)

Upload the photo from your device and click on the Save button.

You will see the photo in the depot list and on the dashboard map (screenshot 5).

(screenshot 5)

How to edit your depot

You can update any information of your depot by clicking on the edit icon

Depot info on the map

If you hover over a depot on the map, a window with the following information about the depot will appear: depot name, quantity of orders for the current moment, depot phone number and address (screenshot 1).