For a business to show up in the marketplace and be available for the customers to order from, there are a number of required steps that must be completed in the Admin Portal. 

Here they are:

Let’s review each requirement individually. 

Make sure the business is created 

If the business is not yet created, you can follow this guide first Setting up businesses (pickup locations) in the system.

Turn on the business menu & enable items 

For the business to show up, it has to have a menu with enabled products & categories. You can follow this guide to create the menu Setting up business catalogs (menus) for your marketplace.

Add business info and enable the business

To add business-related information and enable the status, click on Business Info in the menu on the left of the marketplace settings page.

Review business schedule

Next action is to customize a schedule for the business. Note that all schedules are preset to “open 24h” by default. To change that, click on the Business Schedule, and select the days you want to modify. You can create several operational shifts for the same day.

Add business delivery zone

For the business to show up in the marketplace, it has to be assigned with a delivery zone. To set the delivery zone, go to the Delivery Zone tab in the marketplace settings menu. There, you’ll need to enable a delivery zone for the marketplace orders - you can set a custom zone or use one of the marketplace-wide templates. See how to work with marketplace delivery zones here [LINK (in progress)].

Assign business to one of the marketplace categories

On the marketplace management menu, you will find the Business Category tab, here you must select at least one of the options that best represent the type of products that the company sells. 

Don’t forget to hit the Save button once you have selected the categories.

*In case you don’t have categories in this tab, go back to account settings and look for business categories:

Here you can create your own categories.

Enable payment method

The final step to take is to apply the payment method.

Go to the Depot Settings menu, there, you will find the Credit Card icon.



You will find the following options:


Off: Payments are not accepted for this business yet and the business does not show up on the marketplace

Info: The Business is shown but only for information purposes, it is not possible to order from there

Accept orders: The business is ready to operate and accept orders