In the Personal Settings you can adjust the DelivApp Admin Portal (so that it’s most comfortable for your work style) without impacting other users. 

Go to Settings on the upper navigation panel, then select Personal Settings on the left sidebar.

Change personal settings

Here you can change your username, phone number, email, and profile picture by clicking on the Change button:

Your profile picture will appear near your account data at the top of the screen.

To change your password, click on the Change Password icon.

Visual settings

Here, you can manage the following settings:

  • Do Not Separate Orders (this mode can be used if you do not work with a huge number of Takeaway orders or do not work with them at all - they will not be shown in separate group; in the Separate mode, Takeaway orders will be visible in a separate group):

  • Automatically Snooze Notifications After (Amount of time until popups snooze automatically)

  • Language (Portal language).

  • Snooze Notifications For (Amount of time a snooze lasts for, after which the popup reappears)

  • Hide Delivery Regions On The Map (Hide delivery regions from the map)

  • Popups Notifications (Popups with notifications will be shown on the portal)

  • Highlight Delayed Orders (Colors orders at risk to be late blue and colors late orders in yellow) [for setting the rules for those notifications please follow the Understanding General Settings]

  • New order sound (Receive a notification each time a new order is accepted into the system)

  • New Marketplace Order Sound (Receive a notification when a new order is accepted through the marketplace)

  • Order Delay Notification (Receive a notification about a late order)

  • Courier Coming Back Notification (Receive a notification when a courier finished all deliveries in a route, and is on the way to the pick-up location)

  • Courier Off The Route Notification (Receive a notification if the courier is moving in the wrong direction)

  • Courier Is Ready For Dispatch Notification (Receive a notification, when orders were prepared to be assigned to a courier but the courier was not yet dispatched)

  • Order Requires Assistance Notification (Receive a notification when an order outside of your delivery area is accepted into the system)

  • Courier Stopped Notification (Receive a notification when a courier is not moving for a period of time set in the Understanding General Settings)

  • Lost Courier Notification (Receive a notification when a courier’s GPS tracking has been lost)

  • Order May Be Late Notification (Receive a notification when an order is in danger of being late)

  • Sort Orders Based On Ready For Delivery Time (Sort the orders in the order list by which ones need to be ready first)

  • Show All Businesses On Map (Displays the businesses of the account on the map)

Once all the settings are customized, click on the Save button.