Telegram is a useful and simple way to add orders to the DelivApp portal. It allows busy merchants to create and monitor deliveries on their phone, bypassing the merchant portal web interface.


Define orders management rules for Telegram

Select the “Settings” tab in the upper navigation panel of the Admin Portal and click on “Telegram” on the left sidebar, you will find the following options:


* (3) Do not forget to save your changes


Required preparation time: if enabled, the predetermined preparation times will be displayed during the order creation, and for the user to select one of them.


Preparation times: the preparation times the user can choose from. (You can create as many preparation times as necessary).


In order to add a new preparation time, type the number in the box and press on the “+” button.

Notify about delivered orders: If enabled, there will be a notification when the order is delivered.

Phone number support: allows creating orders by typing a customer’s phone number. (If the customer has created orders previously, the system will save the delivery address and will propose to use it for the next order).


Display VIP Order button: allows creating an order with high priority. (The compensation button will appear to activate high priority status)


Show map: a map with the courier's destination will be shown on telegram after creating the order.


Notify about dispatched courier: a notification will be sent when the order is dispatched to the courier.


Display Cancel Order button: the option to delete orders will appear.


Display Order Delay button: the option to delay orders will appear.

Setup merchant user(s) to work with Telegram

To manage orders via Telegram a specific user needs to be assigned to every business. 


On the Admin Portal go to the Settings tab, and on the left menu select “Depot Settings”, select the depot and click on “Change credentials”, this will take you to the merchant users page.


Add the user who is going to be the Telegram manager for the business. If the user is already added, please make sure that the phone number that will be used on Telegram matches the number on the depot settings.


Fill the Name – (Name of the user), Phone  (phone number from which the orders will be created through Telegram) and click “Save” to create the new user.


We have finished with the settings on the Admin Portal.


Creating a group for business on Telegram 

A merchant has to be added to a specific Telegram Group to be able to create orders via Telegram. The orders will appear on the portal and will be linked to the relevant business at the same moment. To be able to create orders via telegram, please follow these steps:

1. Download the Telegram application for your corresponding operating system here.

2. Run the application and enter your phone number.

3. Click on the “Chat creation” button on the main screen of the Telegram application and tap on “New Group”.

4. Add the DelivApp bot, the name of the corresponding business and tap on “create”.


5. Link your business to the Telegram group.


There are two ways to associate a merchant with a telegram group:


5.1. Tap on the command “Set depot” or type “/setdepot” in the message box and press Enter; a list of depots (businesses) that are linked to the user’s phone will appear.


Select the depot/location that should be associated with this group (in other words, the orders from this location will be reported in this group). If your business is not in the list, please follow the steps in 5.2


5.2. Navigate to the “Settings” screen and select the “Depot Settings” tab on the DelivApp Admin Portal, find the depot that should be associated with the telegram group and press the “Link to Telegram group” icon (this will link the address of your business to Telegram): 

Go back to the Telegram app, find the relevant group and paste the link into the message box (you can send this link to your device with any method that’s convenient for you).

Now the Telegram group is ready to use and you can add a merchant user to the group. 


Add a merchant to the Telegram group


Ask the merchant user to find DelivApp bot on Telegram


Inside the DelivApp bot, tap on “Share Contact” to register the user on Telegram.



If the “Share Contact” button doesn’t appear, type “/start” in the message field and press send.


The “Share Contact” button should appear now. You can also find this option in the square icon beside the message box.


Allow the request to be able to create orders via Telegram


And now the merchant user can start to create orders in the group.