All users' shift-related information like shift date, time, compensation, etc., is presented on the Shifts screen.


Click on the Shifts tab on the upper navigation panel (screenshot 1).


(screenshot 1)


Once on the Shifts screen, you will find a search box, filter panel and Excel save button. (mark 1, 2 and 3 in the screenshot 2).


(screenshot 2)


On the filter panel, you can choose certain criteria to filter the data of the shifts screen, like:


  •  shift time frame – you can choose dates manually or from the time presets: today, yesterday, week, month, previous month.

*You can manually enter a date in the field or select a date from the calendar by clicking on the calendar button (screenshot 3).


(screenshot 3)


  • Worker – you can select a specific worker.

  • Control Center – if you are working with control centers, you can select one of them.


Then, click on the Apply button (screenshot 4).


(screenshot 4)


Once you have applied the filter criteria, you will see all relevant shifts (screenshot 5).


(screenshot 5)


The list will show the worker’s name, when the shift has started and ended (date and time), vehicle plate ID, notes, advanced payment and hours (current shift time in total).


Also, there are action buttons for each shift line:

  • Download Excel file button

  • View shift history button

  • Edit shift button

  • Remove shift button


Excel file.

Click on the Excel button to download the Excel file with this shift information. Here is a screenshot of an Excel file as an example:


(screenshot 6)


Shift history

You will find the following information:

For each order: Depot name and info, delivery address, cash (cash collected per order), credit card (money paid by credit card per order), order delivered time, delivery date and time, order status. In total for the shift: orders delivered, shift time, distance covered, cash collected (in total), paid by credit card (in total). (screenshot 7).


(screenshot 7)



Click on the edit button to change the following information: start date and time, end date and time (you can change shift timeframes), notes (you can add notes to the shift), advanced payment (fill in the field if you have paid in advance), vehicle plate ID. (screenshot 8).


(screenshot 8)


*You can manually enter a date in the field or select a date from the calendar by clicking on the calendar button (screenshot 9).


(screenshot 9)




Delete button

You can remove any shift from the system, do not forget to save your changes by clicking on the Save button.


Also, you can download the Excel file with all the filtered shifts by clicking on Save button (screenshot 10).


(screenshot 10)