Couriers have two shift modes: regular and backup. A Regular shift is a kind of daily basis shift for your regular staff. A Backup shift is for couriers that are not working on a daily basis, but you can call them when you need more staff (e.g., if you have a lot of orders or some of your couriers are on vacation, and you need more workers).

How to start or modify a courier shift

Every courier has their own statistics, that's why everyone has a separate shift. When you are starting a courier's shift, all the important information like the beginning or end of the shift, the amount of completed orders, the distance covered by the courier, or the cash collected, is saved in the shift.

To start or a courier’s shift or change the shift’s mode, click on the plus iconon the couriers panel. (screenshot 1).

(screenshot 1)

Then click on the Start shift iconof the relevant courier in the pop-up window to start a regular shift, or click on the “BACKUP” button to start a backup shift (screenshot 2).

(screenshot 2)

Select a control center (screenshot 3).

*if you are working with them

(screenshot 3)

The courier for regular shifts will appear in the waiting list and the courier for backup shift in the backup list (screenshot 4).

(screenshot 4)

To close the shift, click on the arrow next to the courier's name and then click on the End Shift button. When clicking on this arrow you will also find the buttons Connect ((only if the courier is not yet connected to the app) to connect the courier’s phone to the courier user using a number code or a QR code), Away (to pause the courier’s shift for an undefined time), and Associate (To assign the courier to an existing order) screenshot 5.

(screenshot 5)

If the courier already has an order assigned, when you click on his card on the right side menu, you will also see the Cancel icon, which allows you to cancel the order’s association to the courier in case you want to make any modification. You will also find the Finish icon, which will end the courier’s cycle and change the delivery status to done.