In the General Settings, you can customize parameters that impact the entire organization’s account in DelivApp. If you only need to customize your personal settings, please follow Understanding Personal Settings

Go to Settings tab on the upper navigation panel and then click on General Settings on the left sidebar.

On the General Settings screen, you will have the following settings: Account settings, Notification settings.

Account settings:

  • Allow Addresses Without Street Names (Allow not including the street name when creating orders)

  • Set Out Of Delivery Area Orders To “Require Assistance” Mode (Orders received out of delivery zone will be marked as “Assistance orders” requiring user action. Such orders are colored in red)

  • Allow Takeaway Orders (To support orders picked up by a customer. Adds a toggle to the order creation panel):

  • Hide Ready For Pickup Countdown From Order Card (Hides the amount of times left until the order is ready)

  • Operation Mode (The method in which the routes are created for couriers. There are two modes: Push - A manager creates the route and assigns it manually to a courier, and Pull - There is a Pull button in the courier app and once a courier is available they can press this button and the system will create a route for them. In the Pull mode, the manager can still assign orders to couriers as well as to override the machine decisions. If you need to switch between the modes, please contact us at

  • Show Order Payment Status (To support adding the payment amount and status to new orders. Adds toggles for cash and credit in order creation mode):

  • Maximum Number Of Orders In One Route (Maximum number of orders the system is allowed to stack for delivery by one courier)

  • Maximum Time Allocated For Pickups In One Route (Maximum time a courier can take to pick up all stacked orders)

  • Average Pickup Duration (Time to pick up order from the business)

  • Average Drop-off Duration (Time to pass an order to a customer)

  • Allow Automatic Delivery Manipulation When The Order Is Ready For Pickup Within (Couriers are notified about new orders this amount of time before the orders are ready)

  • Maximum Service Distance For Bicycle Couriers (Maximum distance a bicycle courier can travel for delivery)

  • Courier Penalty Time After Rejected Order 

  • Expand Courier Pool To All If Job Is Not Taken For

  • First Notify Couriers Within The Following Radius

  • Notify Couriers About New Orders Based On The Following Strategy

Notification settings:

  • Notify About Communication Loss With Courier After (Amount of time communication loss needs to last to be notified)

  • Notify If A Courier Is Stopped For The Following Amount Of Time (Amount of time courier stopping needs to last to be notified)

  • Highlight Order As Delayed When Target Delivery Time Is Within (Amount of time left until the delivery runs over the maximum delivery to notify the dispatcher that the order is at risk)

  • Highlight Order As Late When Target Delivery Time Is Within (Amount of time until the max delivery time runs over to notify the dispatcher that the order is late)

  • Order Is Not Dispatched After the Following Amount Of Time (Amount of time an order is not dispatched to notify the dispatcher)

Once all relevant settings are changed, click on the Save button.