Order stacking is an option to group some orders in one route for a specific courier.

You can open groups of orders and change the delivery route, add new orders or remove them.

When you want several orders to be delivered by the same courier, you need to group orders in one route.

1st option:

Click on the “multi-select modeon the dashboard screen, then choose the orders you want to group in one route and click on the “associate” button (screenshot 1).

(screenshot 1)

Select the courier for the  delivery and click on the “OK” button (screenshot 2).

(screenshot 2)

On the left order menu on the dashboard screen, you will see the created group marked with the same color as the pins on the map (screenshot 3).

(screenshot 3)

You can open the route menu by clicking on the orders group card. Here, you can change the delivery route order by clicking on the order arrows, associate the route to another courier, refresh the route or disband it (screenshot 4).

(screenshot 4)

*The route is built automatically by the system along the fastest route and orders grouping criteria. To learn more about order grouping criteria, refer to Orders grouping criteria | Algorithm settings


Also, you can find information related to the route like delivery time, distance, etc.


Every order group/route has its own unique identification number. You can find the order group/route identification number in the group card or in the courier route card (screenshot 5 and 6).

(screenshot 5)

(screenshot 6)

In case of any issues with the order grouping/route, you can always ask for support via our portal chat. Contact the support manager and share an identification number of the order group/route with issue clarification.

There are other ways to group orders, you can associate an order to the courier and drag other orders onto it (screenshot 7).

(screenshot 7)

The last way to group orders is by click on the arrow next to the courier's name on the right sidebar and click on the “Associate” button from the drop-down list (screenshot 8).

(screenshot 8)

In the pop-up window, click on the relevant business and choose orders from the drop-down list to be assigned to the courier, and click on the “OK” button (screenshot 9).

(screenshot 9)