1. Accessing the Settings Menu

  • Open the DelivApp Business application.
  • In the navigation menu, select "Settings" and then "Printer Settings".

2. Selecting a Printer

  • In the "Choose Printer" section, click on the dropdown menu and select your printer from the list.
  • If your printer is not listed, click "Find new printer" to scan for printers via Bluetooth or USB.

3. Selecting the Encoding

  • In the “Text-Based” driver mode, it is important to set the printer encoding correctly for proper text printing. For example, for Hebrew, this is CP862.
  • If your printer has different parameters, refer to the user manual.

4. Selecting the Encoding Code

  • In the “Text-Based” driver mode, select the printer encoding code. For Hebrew, this is code 36.
  • If your printer has different parameters, refer to the user manual.

5. Selecting the Paper Size

  • Choose the printer paper size (80mm or 58mm) in the relevant settings section.

6. Selecting the Driver

  • Choose the printer driver, either "Canvas" or "Text-Based".
  • In the “Canvas” mode, encoding and encoding code are not considered.

Additional Steps for Android

  • For CITIZEN and STAR printers, ensure that the “Legacy Mode” option is turned off.

  • For all other printers, enableLegacy Mode”.

  • Changing the Legacy Mode will restart the application, and the printer will need to be selected again.

Additional Steps for iOS

  • There is no “Legacy Mode” option in iOS, so skip this step.
  • If the printer name includes the prefix "CTZ" or "STAR", it means the printer works through the CITIZEN or STAR SDK, respectively. In this case, both driver modes Canvas and Text-Based can be used.
  • If these prefixes are not present, only the Text-Based mode will work.

Finalizing the Setup

  • Enable the options “Automatically print a receipt” and “Print order details for the kitchen” if necessary.
  • Print a test page to verify the correct printer setup.