The Digital Wallet is a group of features allowing you to bring, retain more users, and save money.  Once it is turned on, the Digital Wallet enables marketplace transactions in Bonus Points, which allows you to:

  • Issue refunds as credits on the marketplace

  • Launch a referral program with rewards 

  • Enable gift cards 

To activate your Digital Wallet, contact us at


What is a Bonus Point 

Bonus Points are internal currency units for your marketplaces. One Bonus Point equals one unit of the currency used in your country as a payment method.

How to issue refunds as Bonus points

Refunding your customers by using bonus points maintains the profit of the business even when things don’t go as expected.

To issue a refund as bonus points first click on the  Admin Orders tab from the dashboard

Now, on the new window use the filters to find the order you want to refund (only orders whose status appears as Canceled will be available for refund).

Once you’ve set all the filters, the list of orders that fit them will appear. Click on the corresponding order and hit the refund button.

Select the Refund reason, it could be either the Marketplace responsibility or the restaurant’s responsibility.

Now, in the Refund method select Loyalty, this way, the refund will be made in bonus points, set the amount and a note related to the transaction and hit Save.

How to set up the referral program

The referral feature allows customers to invite other people to use our platform and make an order. Every time a customer refers a friend to our platform, both of them receive bonus points to be spent later on any product of the business.

To switch on the referral feature, click on the settings tab on the upper navigation panel.

Now scroll down on the left sidebar options till you find the referral tab (1). Click on the “Enabled” toggle (2). Enter the amount of referred bonuses (the number of bonus points that the new customer will receive for joining our platform), and referral bonuses (the number of bonus points that the customer who refers our platform to a friend will receive) (3), and hit “Save”.


How to enable gift cards

Using Gift cards will encourage your customers to buy products not only for themselves but also for their acquaintances which will increase sales.

To set up a Gift card first click on the settings tab on the upper navigation panel.

Now scroll down on the left sidebar options till you find the Gift Card tab and click on the Enabled toggle. This will enable several fields to complete the gift card’s section information that will be shown in the app. You will be able to upload the thumbnail for the section, the name, phone, email and address of the business.

To start creating gift cards click on the +Add button.

When clicking on the + Add button the system will show the following options to customize the gift card (you can set up gift cards for specific products or for bonus points):

  • Product name (or name of the gift card?): The name of the product that will be redeemed with the gift card

  • SKU: The stock keeping unit from the product of the gift card

  • Maximum unit per order: The number of articles that the gift card is valid for

  • Price: the final price for the product after using the gift card

  • Price before discount: the regular price of the product

  • Description: All the details about the discount and the product

Click on the Status toggle to enable the customization of the fields, once all the information has been filled out, click on the Save button.

How can users access their Bonus Points?

Customers can see the amount of bonuses they own in the app by tapping on Profile (1) and on Wallet (2).


How can users spend their Bonus Points?

Users can pay with Bonus Points at the checkout screen of their order, all they need to do is to tap the Edit button and fill the Bonus Points amount (screenshot 1). Once it’s applied the user will see the discount at the bottom of the screen (screenshot 2).

                         (Screenshot 1)                                                      (Screenshot 2)